CCG is one of the most experienced companies in organizing comprehensive small and large scale conferences and events form specialists advisory board meetings to major Conferences.
We are proud of strong working relations both with the public sector and major pharmaceutical and device companies.
We believe the key to success is building and nurturing lasting relationships with you. We work as an extension of your team, delivering the insight and experience needed to make your conference a success.

We get to know you and your local hosts, board and committee members, attendees, sponsors, founders, exhibitors and vendors.
Then our seasoned conference management team partners with you to tailor your conference to meet your vision, goals and objectives. We work hard for you and deliver outstanding results, plus we make it fun along the way, plus we make it fun along the way.
Please contact us to discuss your specialist requirements.
A full comprehensive conference and event organization service can be quoted for you or you may wish to select specific areas from our list of Services.

ALAA ABDALLAGeneral Manager
HUSSEIN FAWZYManaging Director
YASSER HUSSEINExecutive Manager
WALAA ISMAILExecutive Manager - EG
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CCG اتوجه بكل عبارات التقدير والشكر للشركه المنظمه لمؤتمر بورسعيد لطب الاطفال 
والتي بذلت مجهود غير عادي في تنسيق وتنظيم كل تفاصيل الموتمر فخرج في ابهي صوره وحقق نجاح باهر بشهاده جميع من حضر من المتحدثين والحضور والشركات 
شعور بالارتياح والنجاح حين تحسن الاختيار في من يساعدك في التقدم في سلم نجاح الموتمر سنه بعد سنه 

Osama Arafa, Head of Pediatrics Dept. Port-Fouad Hosp.

CCG الف شكر للشركة المحترمة
.ودائما عند حسن ظن الجميع، وأكدتم انكم شركاء لكل الأطباء في رحلة العلم والعمل

Salah Almahdy, Consultant Pediatrics, Cairo University

CCG شركة
.هى الشباب الطموح والاخلاق العاليه وروح الموده والامانه والعزيمه، مستقبل واعد فى انتظاركم بإذن الله

Mohammed Elsayed Hasheem, Pediatrician

.رجالة المواقف فعلا النجاح قيم و مثل قبل اي شئ

Enas Raafat, Professor at National Research Center (NRC)